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Every year, there are natural disasters that occur to us. Wild fires, earthquakes, floods and hurricanes are some of the calamities that happen in certain seasons. In the US alone 10-14 hurricanes strike annually, and two of them turn into major ones that cause severe damage. Recently, hurricane Harvey left some Texas residents in need.

Thankfully, there are several ways to prevent the terrible outcomes of these natural calamities. One of the keys to ensure that your household is safe is to be prepared ahead of time. In this post, we will be talking about 5 things we can do before disaster strikes.

5 Things to do Before Disaster Strikes

  1. Be informed of the current events

Although this is not always possible when a sudden natural disaster occurs, it will be helpful to know if there are important local advisories or national alerts that you need to be informed of. Announcements such as the trajectory of the hurricane, blocked roads during an earthquake, where and when to evacuate are some of the things you should be aware of in your community. It is also equally essential to inform the other members of your household about details especially if they are not with you. If no information is available in the radio or TV, you can call government agencies for details


  1. Prepare Relief Supplies

We all have heard of the phrase “better safe than sorry”. Most American households may not necessarily be prepared to have relief kits available for use when calamities occur. It is good to have items such as first aid kits, medicines, packed food and clothing to aid you during times where resources can be scarce or even unavailable. If you have no idea on what items to place in your relief kits, companies such as My Patriot Supply offers pre-packed items so you can be prepared when a disaster occurs. They offer products such as emergency survival food that is not quickly perishable and easy to consume


  1. Ensure Survival Equipments Available

For some types of disasters such as tornadoes, hurricanes and even earthquakes, the power supply may be limited or lost. To ensure that your family has a supply of power until lines get repaired in your area, secure items such as portable lights, water filtration systems and other survival tools for hygiene and food intake. My Patriot Supply also features other survival equipment such as the AlexaPure to clean tap water, long-lasting LED devices, and emergency blankets. This will help you survive in dire instances where you may be stranded and waiting for rescue.

  1. Have Backup for Resources

If you own a business or several properties in your community, make sure that you have a backup plan for storage and protection for your materials. You can choose to have long-term storage spaces that you can place your business and home items in a safe area, or you can invest in buying airtight, sturdy and waterproof safety boxes. This can secure important documents or valuable tools that you can’t otherwise bring during a time of evacuation.

  1. Have an escape plan

If you live in your own house, make sure to talk amongst your family members a means of escape in case a disaster strikes in your home. Help your loved ones memorize emergency numbers and other important reminders that needed to be done in case you lose contact with them during rescue operations. If you live in an apartment, make sure to know where fire escapes are, and if they are fully functional. Be informed of your community’s safety standards and if your residence complies well with these regulations.

The simple act of being aware and prepared beforehand can save a life. Finding the right resources and accessing the right information can help you survive and reduce the risks of experiencing natural calamities.

Before delving into the world of business as an entrepreneur, it is imperative you bring yourself to terms with best practices and regulations that you have to adhere to for the business to stand. Prior to launching a business, a lot of work goes into the preparation process, and part of this work should be devoted to satisfying the demands of the law. To sail through smoothly as a business, one is required to understand basic legal requirements that will help prevent fines and possible closure of the business, so here are few you might want to look at.

Employment laws

If your business is large and will require that you work with several employees, it is necessary you understand what is required by the law to keep your employees satisfied and catered for. Things like injuries that happen within the premises of your business, and while your employees continue to serve you, are the responsibility of the business, and for this reason you need to consult with a personal injury attorney Tampa to learn everything about how to deal with scenarios where your employees get hurt while serving. Failure to do what these laws says could lead to the prosecution of the entrepreneur, which in turn might lead to heavy fines that are obviously not a good sign for a business.

Tax laws

Every business is required by law to submit taxes and this is done depending on the kind of business one runs. The first step to filing your taxes accordingly is learning about the category to which your business belongs so you can submit all the fees necessary to be granted rights to operate the business. You need an employer identification number and the amount of taxes you should pay. Note that at no time should you be tempted to deliberately submit a lower amount than is required as this would lead to severe legal ramifications at some point.

Marketing and advertising laws

While advertising, some businesses use approaches that are not legal in the sense that they provide information to the public which does not reflect the truth about the business. Every process in marketing is required by law to be truthful as anything contrary is misleading and should be punished. Also within this law is the issue of telemarketing where you are supposed to deliver products within the maximum 30 days cap and if you are not able to honor this agreement one is required to issue a refund.

Privacy laws

The data that a business owns is to be protected from access by people who potentially could misuse it to bring any harm to the business. This is also to say that one cannot invade another business to pick sensitive data that they then use to the advantage of their business. All privacy and data security regulations prescribed have to be followed to the letter to ensure a fair and level competitive field. Before going into business in Death Valley, make sure to understand all laws that point to the business environment you are about to enter.


There are few things more frustrating to a student than spending hours upon hours studying in advance of an important exam only to perform well below expectations. This can often lead a student to question the value of placing so much energy into their studies, and it may even cause some to lose confidence in their ability to perform well in test-taking situations. According to Scott Groza of the Groza Learning Center, the truth is that most students who experience this outcome likely spent more than enough time studying but just didn’t utilize that time as efficiently as they should have.

The main rationale for this particular belief stems from the idea that any student is going to have a difficult time performing a self-assessment in order to outline a test preparation strategy that accurately focuses on greatly improving areas of weakness while reinforcing any existing strengths. Through the use of assessment strategies in creating a test preparation plan, the Groza Learning Center has demonstrated just how critical it is for students to efficiently allocate the time spent on their studies. Students who experienced difficulty in previous circumstances while preparing for an exam may find that they are able to improve their test scores dramatically without having to invest any more time than they had in the past.

With changes being implemented to the SAT and both the ACT and SAT representing such a critical component of the college admissions process, it is of the utmost importance that students are able to effectively prepare themselves to perform their best on either one of these exams. Some students can benefit from relatively little preparation while others will require preparation that begins more than 12 months in advance, but it nonetheless remains particularly essential that an individualized strategy is outlined according to each student’s specific needs and goals.

Traveling changes your perspective of life. - Michele Frazier

Traveling changes your perspective of life. - Michele Frazier

Traveling changes your perspective of life. – Michele Frazier

Traveling changes your perspective of life. – Michele Frazier

CreditUpdates Death ValleyIncreasingly concerned over the possibility of continued shortages in the resources needed to ensure adequate crop yields, many in the agricultural industry are looking into methods for enhancing the efficiency of their operations. Though CreditUpdates.com obviously operates in an entirely different industry, there is something to be said for the company’s expertise regarding innovation, especially as it relates to enhancing efficiency.

While CreditUpdates.com has used its expertise to ensure the highest level of customer service along with consistently exceptional credit monitoring services, the company still has a lot to offer companies operating in the agricultural industry. After all, innovation is already responsible for generating a wealth of positive outcomes in agriculture and has played a central role in resolving critical issues capable of undercutting the viability of the industry altogether.

In response to the lack of access to water, innovators in the agricultural industry developed drip irrigation systems to maximize the usefulness of the water that was available to them. Going further back in history, a lack of fertile land led to the development of nitrogen-enriched fertilizers. It is because of the innovators responsible for these ideas that substantial crop production can be accomplished even in the absence of nutrient-rich soil and plenty of water — Death Valley is an excellent example of these conditions — so it is certainly the case that a continued focus on efficiency and innovation will enable the agricultural industry to overcome any issues associated with scarcity.


Michael Mally gets ready for his vacation in Death Valley

Michael Mally gets ready for his vacation in Death Valley

When you think of death valley, there aren’t too many people who consider it to be a vacation spot unless you’re Michael John Mally and Nick Alsis. In the year of 1998, these two professional travelers decided to take the most hardcore vacation they could imagine and that involved staying in Death Valley for an entire week with limited supplies.

If you ever feel stranded and out of options, Michael J. Mally is the man with the answers to pretty much any survival question as he has traveled to every location in the world with an exception of two; that’s Afghanistan and Iraq due to the threats to safety in those regions at the time being. Other than that, Michael Mally has thoroughly tested his skills and abilities in some of the roughest terrain imaginable. With that in mind, Mr. Mally is sure that staying in Death Valley would be a walk on the beach compared to other places he’s been.

Death Valley is home to only a few with an extreme limitation on civilization, unless you count the population of snakes and scorpions. Nick Alsis, on the other hand, isn’t too thrilled about the idea for this trip and is looking forward to making it back to the green forests.

In Death Valley and countless locations all over the country, those responsible for producing healthy crops without resorting to chemical fertilizers or pesticides have achieved tremendous success through the use of the many effective organic options available to them. Randi Glazer, an underwriting consultant who is quite familiar with the processes associated with organic crop development, has reviewed some of her favorite organic fertilizers and pesticides.

Taking a cue from the Native Americans who used to bury fish heads in the areas in which they intended to raise crops, Glazer has achieved consistently exceptional results by using fish emulsion as an organic crop fertilizer. Though the smell can be quite pungent, fish emulsion contains nearly every essential nutrient needed for crop vitality, particularly when supplemented with seaweed or kelp fertilizers.

For pesticides, Glazer relies on the concentrated oil from the Neem tree, which is effective in dealing with just about every pest that could possibly damage any type of crop. Though it requires relatively frequent application to be effective, this oil can be applied the day before the crop is harvested and still have no negative effect on those consuming the crop.

Contrary to its reputation and certainly in stark contrast with the name that tends to invoke images of a barren desert wasteland, Death Valley is home to an impressive diversity of plant life that is adapted in such a way that it is able to thrive despite the extremely hot and dry conditions common to the area. With so much time, energy and resources spent on caring for the plant life in the yards of suburban homes, it is somewhat surprising that homeowners have not looked into the available alternatives after experiencing or even just learning of the beautiful array of plant life found in Death Valley. One such alternative that is becoming increasingly popular is xeriscaping, which would greatly reduce the need for water and fertilizer, among other things.

The basic concept for xeriscaping has many similarities to the way a company like one stop maintenance seems to function: Instead of devoting endless amounts of time and energy to make an inefficient system work well within a facility, 1 stop maintenance reviews the facility in order to develop the most efficient maintenance plan possible. The same is true of xeriscaping, as homeowners focus on drought tolerant plants that tend to do quite well regardless of the soil conditions. This focus on landscape efficiency benefits the homeowner as well as the environment, making it an exceptional option for everyone, from those who are concerned with becoming more environmentally responsible to those who simply want to reduce the time they spend working in the yard.

With an abundance of colors and interesting blooms from which to choose, xeriscaping does not require homeowners to sacrifice the aesthetic appeal of their yard in order to reduce water usage and limit the need for introducing the chemicals commonly found in fertilizers and pesticides into the environment. Just like 1 stop maintenance, homeowners who have implemented xeriscaping into their landscaping have been nothing but impressed with the results and are always quick with a good word about the many benefits of this efficient and responsible gardening strategy.

In a recent pose earlier this week, I talked about what life was like in Death Valley and to no surprise, it isn’t what most would call a suitable place to live. There are, however, people who absolutely love living in the desert and you know what I say? More power to them!

Death Valley is flourishing with life, surprisingly, with thousands of plant and animal species, but how well is the area fourished with business? You’d think that if there are businesses in the mountains along the Andes that are supported and grown by Luke Wiel, there must be some business in a place that is Death Valley, right? Well, not so much. The most you’ll find in Death Valley is a gas station, a saloon and a stop sign.

Surprisingly, there are plenty of people who live out in Death Valley and if you look at the houses in the area, the first thought that comes to mind is that these people have money. Perhaps Death Valley is the place to go when you have retired and desire to get away from the rest of the world. I don’t imagine anyone would go looking for you there. I wouldn’t.

A few statistics about the desert area, there are 744,440 people who visit Death Valley annually according to a 2007 update. The area is considered to be a national park and was established 82 years ago in 1933