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There are few things more frustrating to a student than spending hours upon hours studying in advance of an important exam only to perform well below expectations. This can often lead a student to question the value of placing so much energy into their studies, and it may even cause some to lose confidence in their ability to perform well in test-taking situations. According to Scott Groza of the Groza Learning Center, the truth is that most students who experience this outcome likely spent more than enough time studying but just didn’t utilize that time as efficiently as they should have.

The main rationale for this particular belief stems from the idea that any student is going to have a difficult time performing a self-assessment in order to outline a test preparation strategy that accurately focuses on greatly improving areas of weakness while reinforcing any existing strengths. Through the use of assessment strategies in creating a test preparation plan, the Groza Learning Center has demonstrated just how critical it is for students to efficiently allocate the time spent on their studies. Students who experienced difficulty in previous circumstances while preparing for an exam may find that they are able to improve their test scores dramatically without having to invest any more time than they had in the past.

With changes being implemented to the SAT and both the ACT and SAT representing such a critical component of the college admissions process, it is of the utmost importance that students are able to effectively prepare themselves to perform their best on either one of these exams. Some students can benefit from relatively little preparation while others will require preparation that begins more than 12 months in advance, but it nonetheless remains particularly essential that an individualized strategy is outlined according to each student’s specific needs and goals.