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In Death Valley and countless locations all over the country, those responsible for producing healthy crops without resorting to chemical fertilizers or pesticides have achieved tremendous success through the use of the many effective organic options available to them. Randi Glazer, an underwriting consultant who is quite familiar with the processes associated with organic crop development, has reviewed some of her favorite organic fertilizers and pesticides.

Taking a cue from the Native Americans who used to bury fish heads in the areas in which they intended to raise crops, Glazer has achieved consistently exceptional results by using fish emulsion as an organic crop fertilizer. Though the smell can be quite pungent, fish emulsion contains nearly every essential nutrient needed for crop vitality, particularly when supplemented with seaweed or kelp fertilizers.

For pesticides, Glazer relies on the concentrated oil from the Neem tree, which is effective in dealing with just about every pest that could possibly damage any type of crop. Though it requires relatively frequent application to be effective, this oil can be applied the day before the crop is harvested and still have no negative effect on those consuming the crop.

Contrary to its reputation and certainly in stark contrast with the name that tends to invoke images of a barren desert wasteland, Death Valley is home to an impressive diversity of plant life that is adapted in such a way that it is able to thrive despite the extremely hot and dry conditions common to the area. With so much time, energy and resources spent on caring for the plant life in the yards of suburban homes, it is somewhat surprising that homeowners have not looked into the available alternatives after experiencing or even just learning of the beautiful array of plant life found in Death Valley. One such alternative that is becoming increasingly popular is xeriscaping, which would greatly reduce the need for water and fertilizer, among other things.

The basic concept for xeriscaping has many similarities to the way a company like one stop maintenance seems to function: Instead of devoting endless amounts of time and energy to make an inefficient system work well within a facility, 1 stop maintenance reviews the facility in order to develop the most efficient maintenance plan possible. The same is true of xeriscaping, as homeowners focus on drought tolerant plants that tend to do quite well regardless of the soil conditions. This focus on landscape efficiency benefits the homeowner as well as the environment, making it an exceptional option for everyone, from those who are concerned with becoming more environmentally responsible to those who simply want to reduce the time they spend working in the yard.

With an abundance of colors and interesting blooms from which to choose, xeriscaping does not require homeowners to sacrifice the aesthetic appeal of their yard in order to reduce water usage and limit the need for introducing the chemicals commonly found in fertilizers and pesticides into the environment. Just like 1 stop maintenance, homeowners who have implemented xeriscaping into their landscaping have been nothing but impressed with the results and are always quick with a good word about the many benefits of this efficient and responsible gardening strategy.

If you were to ask anyone from the East coast about living in Death Valley, they would most likely give you a funny look and laugh at you. It seems like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? How does a person live in a place named Death Valley after all? It seems like “living” and “Death Valley” are two contradicting words that do not belong together.

Well, to the surprise of many, it really is possible to live in Death Valley. What is life like in such a place? Well, for starters to paint a picture for you, there isn’t the convenience of stores nearby and no services such as doctors or dentists, fast food. In other words, there is no life out there in terms of civilization, there is hardly ever any rain… Ever, and the temperature is well expected to rise high into the hundreds. DEATH Valley, ok? Ok.

There are a few home building companies much like who hold high to their standards like Slaske Builders of Ohio to build your dream home with the finest of materials. Unfortunately, Slaske Builders is an Ohio exclusive company and there’s a slim chance you’d get them to build your dream home in the middle of the Death Valley desert.

Now, don’t get me wrong. There is still life in Death Valley, such as plants and animals.There are nearly 1,000 different plant species, but I wouldn’t recommend touching any of them unless you know what you’re dealing with. Just about everything in the desert wants to kill you.

I’ve visited Phoenix, Arizona once before and I was excited to experience what so many people call, “dry heat.” In the East, the heat is accompanied by humidity. Your skin is always moist and it’s difficult to breath. You will sweat simply by sitting down. When I did experience the dry heat of the West coast sun, I still didn’t like it and came to the conclusion that heat is heat and if it’s there then I wouldn’t be outside, especially in Death Valley.

The financial effects of a rapidly spreading fire shift hugely between individual agriculturists and farmers. The time, sort and measure of property lost, and conceivable cures influence what strategies are taken. This article can’t start to spread the different points of interest included for singular makers.

The expectation here is to give a rundown of assets such as Karl Jobst DDS that will help makers in working through an examination process for choices on each person’s performance. Contingent upon the circumstances of a out of control fire, the loss of nourishment supply, for instance, may not precipitate that huge of an sway.

In the event that the major wildfires happened at the end of a late spring grazing season on field that would not be utilized until the following summer, the effect may be little. Be that as it may, things don’t generally happen along these lines. Scavenge, grazing and roughage may should be substituted for some on the other hand the domesticated animals’ majority.

untitled (109) untitled (108)The lifestyle in Death Valley is different.  The dessert is a forbidden environment that repels most people because of the heat.  The old saying that you can fry an egg on a rock is true with Death Valley.  You don’t want to take the desert for granted as the flash floods can be dangerous as well.  The water runs off as it will not soak in.  The soil is poor to grow anything but cactus.  If you need water it is in short supply.  Just bring your drinking water and don’t run out.  Running out of water in the desert is dangerous and down right deadly.  Luke Weil is a fan of hot weather and loves Death Valley.

We visited the Date Farm in Death Valley and had a great time.  They give tours as to how they are grown and processed.  The date ice cream was really good.  The candy made with the dates were very sweet and good.  I did not realize how difficult date were to raise and harvest.  The fruit is very attractive ti insects as the sugar draws the,  As they approach ripe the fruit has to be netted to keep the bugs and birds away.  This is very labor intensive and makes dates very expensive to buy.  Phil Pustejovsky is an expert on the date industry and recommends dates for just about all recipes.

untitled (49) untitled (48)I know that desert and crops don’t usually go together but they do in the Imperial Valley, California.  The crops grow here year round.  As long as the Colorado river continues to flow there will be crops in the desert.  They raise all sorts of crops here.  Hay for stock yards is a big cash crop here as well as organic vegetables of all sorts.  If you drive the area you will be constantly trying to guess what is growing in the fields.  It is fun to watch the crops progress to harvest.  I don’t know if I want to make this place my Home for Life but is is OK.

untitled (22)The Central Valley has been in drought conditions for years.  Will it be the next Death Valley?  Without water there are no crops…no crops…no jobs.  I don’t want to be over dramatic but California will need to wake up soon or just starve.  The environmental loons have prevented any dams from being built for over 20 years.  We need to capture and utilize the water we have and stop letting it flow to the ocean.  Who cares about the delta smelt.  They may be the only species to survive ant the rate we are going.  Dana Sibilsky has good ideas for water. The end of water would be the end of California.  Might as well give it back to Mexico.

The crops that are being created through the use of genetic modifications have been the subject of frequent debate. Supporters of the use of genetically modified crops have noted that these type of crops create a number of positive benefits, particularly as it relates to the widespread availability of food. Detractors are concerned of the potential repercussions of ingesting biotech crops and have expressed worry over the nature of future crop growth.


According to Luigi Wewege, the argument has made its way to the highest levels of government in the European Union. The governments of countries such as the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Spain stand in support of the use of biotech crops, while Austria, France and several others stand in opposition. Regardless of the side that these countries support, Wewege believes that the new rules proposed by leaders will have international consequences.

The latest proposal to come out of the European Union would allow member states to choose to ban the sale of genetically modified crops for anything other than scientific purposes. This would obviously have a significant impact on the industry for biotech crops. On one hand, the new proposal would help to clear up what some have referred to as a “regulatory limbo” for biotech crops in Europe. On the other hand, the proposal would also give countries the right to ban the sale of biotech crops without having to cite any underlying scientific reason for instituting such a ban. No matter the outcome, the proposal is bound to be contentious.