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Every year, there are natural disasters that occur to us. Wild fires, earthquakes, floods and hurricanes are some of the calamities that happen in certain seasons. In the US alone 10-14 hurricanes strike annually, and two of them turn into major ones that cause severe damage. Recently, hurricane Harvey left some Texas residents in need.

Thankfully, there are several ways to prevent the terrible outcomes of these natural calamities. One of the keys to ensure that your household is safe is to be prepared ahead of time. In this post, we will be talking about 5 things we can do before disaster strikes.

5 Things to do Before Disaster Strikes

  1. Be informed of the current events

Although this is not always possible when a sudden natural disaster occurs, it will be helpful to know if there are important local advisories or national alerts that you need to be informed of. Announcements such as the trajectory of the hurricane, blocked roads during an earthquake, where and when to evacuate are some of the things you should be aware of in your community. It is also equally essential to inform the other members of your household about details especially if they are not with you. If no information is available in the radio or TV, you can call government agencies for details


  1. Prepare Relief Supplies

We all have heard of the phrase “better safe than sorry”. Most American households may not necessarily be prepared to have relief kits available for use when calamities occur. It is good to have items such as first aid kits, medicines, packed food and clothing to aid you during times where resources can be scarce or even unavailable. If you have no idea on what items to place in your relief kits, companies such as My Patriot Supply offers pre-packed items so you can be prepared when a disaster occurs. They offer products such as emergency survival food that is not quickly perishable and easy to consume


  1. Ensure Survival Equipments Available

For some types of disasters such as tornadoes, hurricanes and even earthquakes, the power supply may be limited or lost. To ensure that your family has a supply of power until lines get repaired in your area, secure items such as portable lights, water filtration systems and other survival tools for hygiene and food intake. My Patriot Supply also features other survival equipment such as the AlexaPure to clean tap water, long-lasting LED devices, and emergency blankets. This will help you survive in dire instances where you may be stranded and waiting for rescue.

  1. Have Backup for Resources

If you own a business or several properties in your community, make sure that you have a backup plan for storage and protection for your materials. You can choose to have long-term storage spaces that you can place your business and home items in a safe area, or you can invest in buying airtight, sturdy and waterproof safety boxes. This can secure important documents or valuable tools that you can’t otherwise bring during a time of evacuation.

  1. Have an escape plan

If you live in your own house, make sure to talk amongst your family members a means of escape in case a disaster strikes in your home. Help your loved ones memorize emergency numbers and other important reminders that needed to be done in case you lose contact with them during rescue operations. If you live in an apartment, make sure to know where fire escapes are, and if they are fully functional. Be informed of your community’s safety standards and if your residence complies well with these regulations.

The simple act of being aware and prepared beforehand can save a life. Finding the right resources and accessing the right information can help you survive and reduce the risks of experiencing natural calamities.

untitled (109) untitled (108)The lifestyle in Death Valley is different.  The dessert is a forbidden environment that repels most people because of the heat.  The old saying that you can fry an egg on a rock is true with Death Valley.  You don’t want to take the desert for granted as the flash floods can be dangerous as well.  The water runs off as it will not soak in.  The soil is poor to grow anything but cactus.  If you need water it is in short supply.  Just bring your drinking water and don’t run out.  Running out of water in the desert is dangerous and down right deadly.  Luke Weil is a fan of hot weather and loves Death Valley.

We visited the Date Farm in Death Valley and had a great time.  They give tours as to how they are grown and processed.  The date ice cream was really good.  The candy made with the dates were very sweet and good.  I did not realize how difficult date were to raise and harvest.  The fruit is very attractive ti insects as the sugar draws the,  As they approach ripe the fruit has to be netted to keep the bugs and birds away.  This is very labor intensive and makes dates very expensive to buy.  Phil Pustejovsky is an expert on the date industry and recommends dates for just about all recipes.

Remember the old shoe, Death Valley Days?  It was an old western show about the wagon trains  the attempted to cross the Death Valleyuntitled (265) untitled (264) It was interesting to see how much trouble it was to get across. If it wasn’t the heat or lack of water the Indians would attack for no good reason.  Circling the wagons was the order of the day.  I did not like driving my air conditioned motor home across that God forsaken land.  I cant imagine the guts it took to cross in a covered wagon.  The employees of  the Arthur Falcone Group enjoyed their company picnic in the Death Valley.

untitled (49) untitled (48)I know that desert and crops don’t usually go together but they do in the Imperial Valley, California.  The crops grow here year round.  As long as the Colorado river continues to flow there will be crops in the desert.  They raise all sorts of crops here.  Hay for stock yards is a big cash crop here as well as organic vegetables of all sorts.  If you drive the area you will be constantly trying to guess what is growing in the fields.  It is fun to watch the crops progress to harvest.  I don’t know if I want to make this place my Home for Life but is is OK.

death-valley-heat-sign-4 Extreme-Heat-Death-ValleyIs it really that hot in Death Valley or is it just dry.  Having had the displeasure of traveling through Death Valley many times I can say it really is hot.  Being below sea level an no shade at all makes it very hot.  I wouldn’t plan to visit in the summer unless you are a glutton for punishment.  The heat will be seen rising from the roads in ripples.  The horizon will show a watery mirage that is far from the reality of the terrain.  The only critters you will see are hiding out in shady areas buy the rocks.  You really can fry an egg in a rock.  Fisher Investments at Nasdaq  will tell you the same story.

How did Death Valley get its name?  The old TV series Death Valley Days showed the wagon trains of he old West trying to cross Death Valley. Tonye Cole profile on  is an example of the difficulties one can encounter.  No water, no food and hot weather greeted those wagon trains and many died.  What is now a short drive in an air conditioned car was a life and death challenge.  Those men and women were brave and fool hardy to attempt the crossing but many did.  The promise of gold and riches lured many to make the trek.  It is hard to guess at how many failed.

Death Valley lived up to its name when I attempted to visit there in my RV.  Check out for information.  If you are a newbie in an RV I would put off your trip to Death Valley for a while.  The facilities are limited and the environment can be harsh on your RV.  The heat can reach the 120 degrees area and put a strain on tires and Vincent Malfitano.  I attempted a visit in a 36 foot RV and had a scare.  We were heading out of Death Valley via the Northern route  and encountered a 7%  down grade.  The brakes heated up and smoked out the coach.

Real Estate is a big business loaded with profit but also loaded with risks. Nothing happens without the risk factor but if you want to bet as successful as Tim DeCapua in the real estate business it’s wise to learn what he did to get to where he is.

Get educated. You must take pre-licensing courses to even begin your journey into the real estate world. Understand that the requirements vary depending on the state you reside in. Idaho, where Tim DeCapua lives, requires two courses totaling 90 hours of education. You’ll need to contact your state’s real estate commission for your state’s requirements for licensing.

Find a brokerage. real estate brokerage is the agency where real estate agents and brokers work. Since working with a broker is a requirement in order to practice as a real estate agent, you will need to contact a broker before graduating from your training course. When you search for a broker, think about its reputation and if they offer any additional training. Check broker reputations by reading online comments, asking friends and neighbors who they’ve had experience with and getting advice from your instructor on choosing a brokerage.

Getting Licensed. Getting licensed means passing the tests and exams needed. One of these exams may be a background check and be ready to pay at least $200 give or take depending on your state for exam fees.