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There are few things more frustrating to a student than spending hours upon hours studying in advance of an important exam only to perform well below expectations. This can often lead a student to question the value of placing so much energy into their studies, and it may even cause some to lose confidence in their ability to perform well in test-taking situations. According to Scott Groza of the Groza Learning Center, the truth is that most students who experience this outcome likely spent more than enough time studying but just didn’t utilize that time as efficiently as they should have.

The main rationale for this particular belief stems from the idea that any student is going to have a difficult time performing a self-assessment in order to outline a test preparation strategy that accurately focuses on greatly improving areas of weakness while reinforcing any existing strengths. Through the use of assessment strategies in creating a test preparation plan, the Groza Learning Center has demonstrated just how critical it is for students to efficiently allocate the time spent on their studies. Students who experienced difficulty in previous circumstances while preparing for an exam may find that they are able to improve their test scores dramatically without having to invest any more time than they had in the past.

With changes being implemented to the SAT and both the ACT and SAT representing such a critical component of the college admissions process, it is of the utmost importance that students are able to effectively prepare themselves to perform their best on either one of these exams. Some students can benefit from relatively little preparation while others will require preparation that begins more than 12 months in advance, but it nonetheless remains particularly essential that an individualized strategy is outlined according to each student’s specific needs and goals.

Why visit Death Valley?  In my personal opinion that is just one place I do not want to be in ever again.  We where traveling in our first motorhome one year when we got on one of the roads in the mountains of death valley and it was one of the most frightening rides of my life. Consolidated Credit was on my mind. The grade on the this hill was a seven about five to seven miles long. The brakes on the motorhome where smoking as car drove by they honked and pointed as if we didn’t know already. My husband was only about to get the decent of speed to 35 to 40 mph. artemisia I was going to jump out by the time we got to the bottom of the hill I was not going to go up the other side  without knowing what was it was like on the other hills.

There has not exactly been a lot of water to go around with the drought dragging on for quite some time now, and it appears that many a gardener is going to have to learn to work without an abundance of water for their plants. This is not necessarily devastating news, as there are a lot of great drought-resistant crops out there that are just waiting to take a place in a garden facing a significant reduction in water availability.

artemisiaAccording to Mo Howard, West Virginia football player, he and his teammates at WVU maintained a community garden in an area where they could not provide a great deal of water. They instead opted to plant a garden filled with drought-resistant plants, which proved to be an excellent strategy that yielded enough plants for the team’s weekly pregame meals.

Howard used a variety of plants for this purpose, finding that plants that happened to have gray leaves tended to fare best in low-water conditions. The team planted some ornamental plants that were also drought-resistant, including lamb’s ear and silver gray Artemisia. The use of these gray-leaved plants contributed to the aesthetics of the community garden and were able to thrive without much water at all.

Death Valley is located near the boarder of California and Nevada and it seems the residents in the California area are on their way to healthier lifestyle. In a research done in 2014, the obesity rate in California in 2013 was 23.6 percent making California one of the lowest states in obesity with Hawaii just barely behind. Does this surprise you?

In the West there is access to the good doctor, Terry Simpson MD, who does his amazing work in the state of Arizona and has been doing weight loss surgery and laparoscopic surgery for 24 years since 1991! “Working in the Arizona area I still get frequent clients from various surrounding states,” says Simpson. “My clients come from Arizona, California and New Mexico mostly,” he continued.

Obesity will never be a dominating problem in those states, that’s for sure, and the stats continue to decrease one person at a time thanks to Terry.

Among the meats on the market sausage is one of the best for nutritional values and taste. There are even those enlightened few live by a sausage diet, substituting their usual meat products with their sausage counterpart. Let’s discuss some recipes and of course the benefits of an all sausage diet. Sausage can be any type of meat products, but for the most part is usually pork, beef, or veal. Now me personally, I don’t eat anything baby, but what doesn’t kill you usually creates a desire for more. Sausage is one of those addicting foods, because it comes in many forms and many respective tastes, heck, you can even make your own at home. It takes some practice, but I’m sure you will get the hang of it; Terry Simpson MD sure has!

Sausage is an international phenomena; the French have Andouille, the British have Bangers, and dont ask where these names came from, I guess if you make it you name it, much like finding a puppy. Speaking of dogs, sausage is nothing like hotdogs other than the shape. Hotdogs are usually bits of only God knows what condensed into a smaller version of the sausage. There is Bologna, and the infamous Blood and Tongue sausage, but no one claims that one’s origin. Whatever type you like remember to get creative with you sausage diet and refrain from deep frying it, for though deep fried anything is delicious, it most likely is not good for you. Happy sausaging!