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Here are some great quotes from Nick Alsis.

I love shrimp as much as the next guy, but really? Do we need 38 pounds of it?

Who did she say she was looking for? Do I look like Lebron James to you?

When I discuss something with myself, I’m not looking for your input.

Mortgage rates are good, mortgage rates are bad. Whatever.

Have you ever really thought about Death Valley. Just the name is horrible. Why would you choose to live in a placed infamously named after the act of dying!?!

I’ve wondered where the best place on earth to live is, then I discovered it was wherever you are.

I’ve fallen into love and out of love. My first love was birthday cake and I fell in love on my first birthday.

Speaking of spoken words, I don’t have a favorite. But a quotable quote is great!

I used to wear cologne, that was when I was trying. I gave that up when I met you. In a good way.

Speakers are a very big hobby of mine. I guess hobby isn’t the right word anymore!