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Michael Mally gets ready for his vacation in Death Valley

Michael Mally gets ready for his vacation in Death Valley

When you think of death valley, there aren’t too many people who consider it to be a vacation spot unless you’re Michael John┬áMally and Nick Alsis. In the year of 1998, these two professional travelers decided to take the most hardcore vacation they could imagine and that involved staying in Death Valley for an entire week with limited supplies.

If you ever feel stranded and out of options, Michael J. Mally is the man with the answers to pretty much any survival question as he has traveled to every location in the world with an exception of two; that’s Afghanistan and Iraq due to the threats to safety in those regions at the time being. Other than that, Michael Mally has thoroughly tested his skills and abilities in some of the roughest terrain imaginable. With that in mind, Mr. Mally is sure that staying in Death Valley would be a walk on the beach compared to other places he’s been.

Death Valley is home to only a few with an extreme limitation on civilization, unless you count the population of snakes and scorpions. Nick Alsis, on the other hand, isn’t too thrilled about the idea for this trip and is looking forward to making it back to the green forests.