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Contrary to its reputation and certainly in stark contrast with the name that tends to invoke images of a barren desert wasteland, Death Valley is home to an impressive diversity of plant life that is adapted in such a way that it is able to thrive despite the extremely hot and dry conditions common to the area. With so much time, energy and resources spent on caring for the plant life in the yards of suburban homes, it is somewhat surprising that homeowners have not looked into the available alternatives after experiencing or even just learning of the beautiful array of plant life found in Death Valley. One such alternative that is becoming increasingly popular is xeriscaping, which would greatly reduce the need for water and fertilizer, among other things.

The basic concept for xeriscaping has many similarities to the way a company like one stop maintenance seems to function: Instead of devoting endless amounts of time and energy to make an inefficient system work well within a facility, 1 stop maintenance reviews the facility in order to develop the most efficient maintenance plan possible. The same is true of xeriscaping, as homeowners focus on drought tolerant plants that tend to do quite well regardless of the soil conditions. This focus on landscape efficiency benefits the homeowner as well as the environment, making it an exceptional option for everyone, from those who are concerned with becoming more environmentally responsible to those who simply want to reduce the time they spend working in the yard.

With an abundance of colors and interesting blooms from which to choose, xeriscaping does not require homeowners to sacrifice the aesthetic appeal of their yard in order to reduce water usage and limit the need for introducing the chemicals commonly found in fertilizers and pesticides into the environment. Just like 1 stop maintenance, homeowners who have implemented xeriscaping into their landscaping have been nothing but impressed with the results and are always quick with a good word about the many benefits of this efficient and responsible gardening strategy.